Metabolic syndrome is a group of health problems mainly involving the utilization and storage of energy. One of the biggest contributors is excess weight. Symptoms of Metabolic syndrome includes high blood sugar, obesity and cardiovascular problems. According to the American Heart Association, metabolic syndrome is a serious health condition that affects about 34 percent of adults and places them at higher risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke and diseases related to fatty buildups in artery walls.

In recent years it has finally been acknowledged that chronic diseases can not be fully be explained by DNA or the genome, but by nutrition and lifestyle. These factors can have a profound affect on our health. This means that proper nutrition can produce positive changes at the higher level. Another worthwhile acknowledgement was made by Dr. Galvez who discovered a soy peptide called lunasin. This peptide can be found in soy, barley, wheat, and rye and it is shown to work beyond the genome at epigenomic levels. How Lunasin works is that it prevents changes to occur in the cells so that the epigenome functions properly.

A huge risk factor for metabolic syndrome comes from high cholesterol. Research and studies have shown that lunasin is a key cholesterol-lowering property.


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